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Didattica 2023-2024

Seminari didattici Anno Accademico 2023-2024

Coaching forDoc con Universitą di Pavia: Oct 9-10, Aula Scarpa. Locandina: https://www.borsadelplacement.it/media/page4/404/file/fordoc_unipv_1.pdf

Introduction to Formal Verification of Digital Design and Jasper Apps: targeted solutions that address specific design and verification challenges: Oct 18 - 16:00, Magenta Seminar Room (D Floor)

Covert Channels: Attack Models and Research Challenges: Oct 25 - 11:00, Classroom A1 (A Floor)

Advancements in laser sources for label-free imaging in optical microscopy: Oct 24 - 10:30, Magenta Seminar Room (D Floor)

Portable Radar Systems at the Human-Microwave Frontier: Life Activity Sensing and Human Tracking: Oct 24 - 14:30, Classroom A3 (A Floor)

Biofabrication Technologies to Instruct Regeneration: Oct 24 - 11:30, Dep di Scienze del Farmaco (Classroom 2.1)

Signal processing and condition monitoring of electrical machines: Mar 25 - 11:00, Blue Seminar Room (E Floor)

IT Performances and Enterprise Company Challenges: Mag 13 - 9:30, Magenta Seminar Room (D Floor)

Model-based clustering of categorical data based on the Hamming distance: Mag 13 - 12:30, Dep di Scienze del Farmaco (Classroom 2.1)

Biofabrication Technologies to Instruct Regeneration: Oct 24 - 11:30, Common Room, Department of Economics and Management (Via San Felice 5)

Celebrating the Day of Light: Miracle Light!: Mag 16 - 11:00, Magenta Seminar Room

Shallow learners are dead – Long live shallow learners! Random Forests in the age of Deep Learning: Mag 17 - 14:30, Online: https://bit.ly/40HKCLn

Isolated Power Transfer Using On-Chip Transformers with Magnetic Core: Tue. June 25, 11AM, Where: Classroom E1 (E Floor) or Online: https://zoom.us/j/97071587427?pwd=ePExcgoHiELRsOcxbbZTniJem10NNu.1

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