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Bioengineering is a highly interdisciplinary scientific area that requires the convergence of different scientific fields, ranging from engineering, and computer science to biology and medicine. The PhD program aims at training students to achieve high standard in bioengineering knowledge and skills from both the methodological and technological viewpoints. It is also designed to strengthen the students’ personal creativity, especially through the practice of scientific research in several leading sectors.

The PhD activities are led by professors and researchers belonging to groups that are very active in research at the national and international level. Research activities - which play the most important role in training - are focused on an independent research project, original and scientifically significant. Moreover, it is completely conducted within a Department Laboratory, in close and continuous contact with one of the research groups. It lasts until the end of the third year and concludes with an original thesis on a topic of relevant scientific interest. The final dissertation is aligned with the highest international standards. This is reflected by the high number of qualified scientific results and publications delivered each year by the involved Departments.

Such training is also adequate for a successful job placement in prestigious R&D laboratories, both in Italy and abroad.

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